This site is dedicated to the memory of Merryn Allen.

Our Merryn was beautiful, bright, energetic, funny, joyful and courageous, a child full of love and life. She died from SUDEP, or Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy, in May 2009, aged 10. She had had her first seizure just three months earlier.
We knew nothing about epilepsy or how to recognise its symptoms. If we had, Merryn may have been diagnosed sooner and her seizures might have come under control. Maybe she would be here with us now.
Money raised by Merryn's Sunflower Tribute Fund helps Epilepsy Action to educate and raise awareness of epilepsy and its effects, both for those who live with it daily and those whose death it causes. Everyone who makes a donation to the fund helps build a lasting memorial to Merryn, and we hope to continue increasing the amount raised in the years to come.
Many, many thanks for your support

Lisa, Tristan & Cleo Allen


Every day I miss Merryn. Not a minute of any day passes without a thought for her. Watching Cleo grow and blossom, seeing Merryn's friends thrive, seeing her bike in the shed etc. Mostly mundane, everyday activities that all connect back to the thread that runs end to end through our family. Like everybody else that knew Merryn we have moved on, except for the part of us that remain forever rooted in the time before she died. A time when nothing could touch our serenity and quiet satisfaction.
Sent by tristanshout on 26/02/2013
I know you probably don't remember me Merryn, but I remember you and all the happy times we had together. Thinking of you on this very special day. I have tried not to cry today, but I have a little. I've left Akeley now, but you still live on in me. I love you Merryn, and I miss you so much. Love and thoughts to Lisa, Tristan and Cleo. I'll always remember you Meme. Lots of love, Emilia xxxxxxxx
From Emilia Moll on February 11 2012
When I first started at Akeley Wood, I had no friends and was very lonely. Merryn always invited me to play with her, even if her own friends didn't want me to. She always looked out for me even when I'd found some friends. She was a sweet kind loving girl whom everyone missed. My love and thoughts to Lisa and Tristan and Cleo. She is and will ever be sorely missed. You probably don't remember me Merryn but i most certainly remember you, and i always will. Love, Lucy xx
From Lucy Hall on June 1 2011
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